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Words I love to hear are, “Mom, What’s for dinner?”……

I was born and raised in India eating my mom’s scrumptious food. She’s a talented chef and food enthusiast. Her food not only tastes amazing but it’s also a feast for the eyes. Growing up, I remember her cooking with the freshest ingredients and experimenting with delicious recipes. Even though I grew up in a Maharashtrian family, flavors and spices from all over India influenced our meals.

I moved to the US in 1997, over 8000 miles away from my mother’s gourmet cooking. Yet the flavors and aromas of her cooking are still a distinct memory. I didn’t cook while I was in India so as my cravings set in I had to quickly learn with phone calls to my mom. The taste of her food was so vivid in my memory that it was fairly easy to adjust the flavors to be just like hers. With her guidance and precise techniques I was able to recreate her recipes and her methods also helped me to develop my own as well.

Before I knew it, I was spending more and more time in the kitchen, experimenting with different ingredients, cuisines and presentations. My husband, my biggest supporter, is my sous-chef and master taster. He is constantly encouraging me to try new recipes and he is also the driving force behind my new cooking blog and class venture.

I have come full circle since leaving India and I now love cooking for my boys. Words I love to hear are, “Mom, What’s for dinner?” The same words I still say to my mom every time we speak. My boys look forward to our home cooked feasts. It’s what brings us together so many times in one day. We love to try different cuisines and have many family favorites. I am proud to see that my children are growing up eating and appreciating the same food I do.

I may be a software engineer by trade but I am chef mom by heart.


60 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Archana good to meet you here and happy to read about you. Actually here in Nairobi in a Indian shop I just saw a packet of Gulkhand and was wondering in what can this be used. Here today you post the Gulkhand kheer and am like wow. I haven’t bought the packet of Gulkhand – as it was quiet a big one. But good I now know one recipe of using it. Interesting blog my dear. We both have same interests and let’s be friends.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words Meena. Gulkand has a long shelf life and works well with many desserts! Next time you are in the shop you should buy it. It is very cooling in the summers and very tasty just by itself. Looking forward to many more interesting recipes from Nairobi my friend!

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  2. Thanks so much for following my blog Archana. I love your story and can echo those same sentiments in my own life. My mom was amazing in the culinary department, our love of different cuisines was encouraged by her. I was born in Mumbai (my parents of Goan heritage), but we moved to Africa when I was 3 years old and have taken with me a love of food in all the other countries I’ve lived in. It’s great to be following you and your blogging journey too 🙂

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  3. Thank you for following my blog.
    I think we Indians can’t do without Indian food where ever we may be. In your case the taste of your mom drew ou to Indian food. It’s great to know that your boys are now addicted to Indian food prepared by you. your writing style is simple but great! 🙂

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  4. Archana, first of all I must thank you for flattering me by following my blog. I hope not to disappoint. Secondly, just the briefest glimpse of your blog tells me that I must follow you …. I am living in the US, was raised in the UK and my home is France. I have never been to India but like most good English girls I do love Indian food and was fortunate to have a great friend from India when my daughter’s were young who taught me a little. For me the kitchen is the heart beat of the home and I never stop wanting to read and try new dishes and new skills. You will teach me much I know and I thank you in advance for what I know will be a great journey 🙂

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  5. I’m reading your blog and I wanted to tell you how much I like it. The instructions are quite clear, the layout is really attractive, the anecdotes are interesting and amusing (I liked the one about adding too much tamarind to the shrimp dish when you had a friend coming for dinner because you hadn’t read the recipe carefully), and the photography looks professional. Do you take the photographs yourself?

    Honestly, the whole thing is like something done by a professional, like Madhur Jaffrey or someone like that. I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes!

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  6. Hey Archana.. Good to connect with you, Thanks so much for the follow. I finally managed to check out your blog after so long and must say you have shared some really good recipes.. And yeah, you are so pretty 🙂

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  7. Hi thre Archana. thanks for spending some time exploring my blog, Simple Food. I love INdian food and look forward to following yur blog. It’s great to read other people’s food stories. THanks for sharing yours. margaret


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